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Sewer Lateral Cleaning Launcher

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Sewer Lateral Cleaning Launcher

Logiball Sewer Lateral Cleaning Launcher is used to clean laterals from the mainline sewer without the need of a cleanout. It can effectively clean laterals (removing roots, grease and other buildups) as far as 50 feet from the connection.

Logiball Lateral Launcher guides your 1/2” or 3/8″ hose and nozzle into the lateral connection from the mainline sewer. Winched in tandem with the CCTV camera, the 0-90 VDC motor is used to rotate the guiding arm and nozzle into the lateral connection.  Typical multiconductor cable required.  With the pump turned on, the back jets propel your nozzle and hose into the lateral for cleaning.


Lateral Launcher for 6" / 150mm mainline with 0-24 vdc motor



  • Stainless steel and aluminium construction
  • Industry standard 4 pin male connector (multiconductor camera cable)
  • 0-90 VDC motor
  • Use tractor controls with multiconductor cable for CW/CCW rotation
  • Replaceable guiding arm
  • Optional control panel for motor rotation of lateral launcher
  • 8″ to 18″ main assembly

For sewer lateral cleaning launchers from 6” mainline contact our sales department